LA LEGGE 148/1990: FOCUS.

What do you think about the following “focus”?
In Italy – as you know – with the law number 148/ 1990 concerning the primary school was expected to attend three teachers in two classes, with the assignment of specific responsibilities, specific competences, particular skill or expertise for each teacher.
Normally, the first teacher was assigned the linguistic coveted, the second the logical-mathematical area, the third the field of anthropology.
(Now the situation has changed, because there are five teachers out of four classes.)
Was it a good solution?

I hope that the coming years make possible to examine the problem in a not ideological way.
Berlusconi, Moratti, Gelmini would not be able to ruin Italian Primary School without help of others responsability.
I mean: previous and concurrent responsability.

Organic plethoric & lack of financial resources -> low wages for teachers -> escape intelligences -> deskilling of the school.

I have always been convinced that the increase in staff has led to the crisis of “core building block” of Italian Primary School; even the suffering of people with disabilities – and not just of people with disabilities – began in a particular way with the law 148/1990.

The disproportionate increase in the number of school’s workers, moreover, contributed to aggravate the public debt.

And the precariousness in the school?
Is the job insecurity a natural phenomenon, as the deadening language of politics and trade unionists want to prove?
Not at all!
I do not think so: job insecurity is not a natural phenomenon, insecurity is the result of precise, wrong policy and trade unions choices.
The young teachers more prepared who need to obtain permanent contracts are paying all the consequences for this aberrant situation.

I suspect the pressing arguments of Mario Monti – who, certainly, is not Karl Marx, as we know – will force in the future the Democratic Party to take up positions on the subject!

What do you reckon? Is this phony?

Antonio Conese


Antonio  Conese  è  laureato  in  Pedagogia  (Università  degli  Studi  di  Bari);  ha  frequentato ‘a distanza’  il  Corso di Perfezionamento   post-laurea   (Università   degli  Studi  di  Firenze)  su   “La dimensione europea della scuola e dell’insegnamento”.

Docente   di   Scuola   Primaria    (1970-1979)   e   Dirigente  Scolastico   (1979-2007),   ha  collaborato  con  la  Rivista  “i diritti della scuola”  ed è stato Docente-esperto in numerosi corsi   di   formazione   per   l’insegnamento   della  matematica  e  delle  scienze  promossi dall’IRRSAE di Puglia in occasione dell’attuazione del Piano Pluriennale di Aggiornamento per l’attuazione dei Programmi di Scuola Primaria del 1985.

Ora collabora con “”, Rivista telematica sui grandi temi dell’educazione.


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